The titanium-alloy rails, low weight and excellent performance easily justify the price

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SDG Circuit saddle



SDG Circuit saddle review


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The USA-designed SDG Circuit is the lightest saddle on test, but it doesn’t compromise ride comfort.

On first inspection, the minimally padded top, mated to a twist-free shallow base, had us expecting a stiffer, XC feel.

However, during tough rides over lumpy ground, the SDG chassis excelled at absorbing vibrations and bumps, and maintained excellent rider comfort.

A broad cut-out in the base ensures the Circuit folds in towards the centre when loaded, and together with perfectly positioned padding, it always felt very supple and soft.

Kevlar-covered edges along the sides proved tough in mud and grit throughout the winter, and even withstood a couple of huge crashes, which bodes well for long-term resilience.

This keeps you feeling well planted while shifting position. It’s also comparatively low-profile, which may help you achieve a fraction more clearance if your frame has a tall seat tube.