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Rab Cinder Crank shorts

Rab says one reason it has launched the Cinder range is because many of its cyclist employees were using garments from the rest of its line up anyway. Perfect sense…

Score 8

Rab Cindercrino jersey

Legendary UK outdoors brand Rab has a huge reputation for making long-lasting kit that can handle the worst of UK conditions. It recently launched the Cinder cycling range, with over…

Score 9

RAB Women’s Cinder Borealis Jacket

I’ve been after a lightweight jacket for those rides where it starts out cold, but you heat up as you get going and then need to stash it away. RAB’s…

Score 7

Rab Thermic Neutrino Sleeping Bag Liner

Rab’s Thermic Neutrino is a tapered thermal liner designed to fit in the Neutrino range of bags, but just as happy in any other brand’s offering. It’s superbly well made,…

Score 9

The Rab Spark jacket was just a pleasure to snug up when the weather closed in. Clean and simple. Packed down light and tight. A superb all-rounder.

Score 9