A fully functioning hand pump that minimises trail side faff

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Crank Bros Klik HV


  • Clever magnetic hose fitment
  • Gauge is fairly accurate
  • Easy inflation


  • Adapter can be fiddly to get out of handle
  • Handle/shaft are a little loose


Crank Bros Klik HV pump review


Crank Bros has always been known for taking a sideways look at bike parts and creating their own, distinctive versions. Whilst these might have fallen short of the mark sometimes in the past, that innovation is now bringing to market some great products. Take the Klik HV pump for example. It uses a clever magnetic attachment to breath new life into the trail pack staple hand pump.


The Klik HV is aimed at larger volume tyre users, i.e. mountain bikers. It can be purchased in three versions: with or without a gauge, and the version here, with an additional co2 inflator incorporated into the handle. It features a fold out T-handle for convenience and the hose/gauge is stored in the pump shaft.

Crank Bros Klik HV

In-line gauge is easy to read

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 Clever construction

Where the clever stuff lies is in the method of attaching the hose to the pump body. Rather than the usual threaded interface, Crank Bros use a powerful magnet to seat the hose accurately and quickly. This eliminates the double action of screwing on the hose to the body then screwing on the hose to the valve, making it super quick. The mounting point on the pump body has a sliding cover to keep it away from mud and grit.

Crank Bros Klik HV

Magnetic hose attachment

Does it work?

The Klik HV makes as good job of inflating large volume tyres, taking just 150 strokes to inflate a 27.5×2.6 to 22psi from flat. Not effortless but certainly not difficult. And with the magnetic hose, removal reduces air loss to almost zero.

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The in-line gauge is a great guideline to the inflated pressure (both in PSI and Bar) to ensure sure that you are close to the optimum pressure.


The minimalist co2 inflator is a neat addition for the terminally lazy or when a tubeless tyre needs seating. Just remember to pack threaded cartridges.


The only thing I can really fault the Klik HV on is the storage of the hose. To prevent it rattling around inside, Crank Bros has installed two rubber o-rings on the outside of the hose. This means that when pushed inside (and if a little mucky) these o-rings make the hose reluctant to slide out. Taking the o-ring off the blue adapter minimised this without compromising the fit.

O-rings make it tricky to get the hose out


A clever pump from Crank bros that actually works. The magnetic hose attachment minimises trail side faff and the high volume inflates tyres with little fuss.