The Zipp 3Zero Moto rim remains the same, but the hub is entirely new. Higher engagement, better bearings, sealed up for durability, developed in Germany.

In last year’s review of the Zipp 3Zero Moto wheelset we gave them a 9/10 rating, commenting that these unique wheels “Offer a ride quality that is superior to the best alloy wheels, with improved durability over most carbon alternatives”. About the only niggle we had was the relatively low 52-point engagement of the rear’s freehub. Well, it looks like Zipp were listening as for the new 3Zero Moto wheels they have upped the engagement to an impressive 132 points of engagement via a total of 12 pawls in the new ZM2 Hubset.

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In other niggle-addressing news, you no longer have to have the TyreWiz if you don’t want it, you can enjoy the lower price point option instead. We say “lower” but we’re still talking premium pounds here: from £780 for the front wheel and £865 for the rear (£1645 in total maths fans, compared to the previous TyreWiz-ed combo’s £1875 price tag).

Anything else new? The bearings are better sealed apparently. Not that we really had any issue with the sealing in the previous versions. But if they’re even better now, that’s great.

In case you missed the launch last year and are wondering what is the USP of these wheels, basically they flex but in a good, deliberate way. Unlike box-section rims, Zipp’s motorsport-inspired rim is single wall. This rim design provides something Zipp call “ankle compliance.”

Zipp: “Imagine a runner rounding a sharp turn, the ankle naturally flexing to maintain grip as the runner leans. The 3ZERO rim can locally flex to stay parallel to the ground during cornering, increasing traction like a human ankle adjusts while running. This ability to twist locally allows it to deflect during single bead impacts without the rider getting bounced offline.”

Zipp 3Zero Moto rims

  • Higher impact resistance
  • Reduced chance of pinch flatting
  • More traction in rough corners
  • Smoother ride in rocky terrain
  • Ability to run lower tire pressure
  • Reduced rider fatigue
  • Rim is designed for compliance, creating the feel of extra suspension
  • German-engineered hubset features 12 pawls and 132 points of engagement improved durability
  • Quarq TyreWiz is available separately
  • Compatible with e-mountain bikes
  • Lifetime Warranty

Zipp ZM2 Hubset

  • Engineered in Germany with better seal design for improved durability and quicker response
  • 132 points of engagement
  • Designed with 12 pawls – 4 groups of 3 – for quick engagement
  • Strong ratchet ring maximized max load capacity
  • compatible with e-mountain bikes – Spoke Count: 32h
  • Boost only, 6 bolt brake interface – XD or SRAM/Shimano variant
  • Standard or Torque caps on front hub