McGarry's sponsor speaks

YT Industries, Kelly McGarry’s bike sponsor, has said it is “petrified, shocked and heartbroken” after confirming the death of the Kiwi freerider.

YT Industries started sponsoring Kelly McGarry in 2015 and he has competed for them at Red Bull Rampage and Crankworx events.

As is stands the YT Industries website has been shut down and the only accessible page is a photo of McGarry with the caption: “There are not many of your kind, we will miss you.”

Kelly McGarry was riding on the Skyline Trail in Queenstown, New Zealand at 4pm local time when he collapsed. Two paramedics were flown to the scene but McGarry was announced dead on arrival.

In a statement issued this morning, YT Industries said: “Everybody at YT, is deeply saddened and shocked by his death. A truly unique character has been lost today. One of the most likeable mountain bike riders has passed away

“We were informed about his death in the morning and are petrified, shocked and heartbroken about losing one of our family members. Kelly was a warm-hearted, friendly and relaxed guy. He stood for the true essence of mountain biking through every aspect of his life. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, girlfriend and his friends.

“The mountain bike world lost an exceptional character. We consider it an honor that Kelly was riding for the YT Family last year.”