No really.

New YT Jeffsy teaser vid features the legend that is Christopher Walken. Cue plenty of Pulp Fiction and cowbell jokes. What about the bike though?

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Make what you will of the marketing concept, it certainly continues YT’s theme of out-there promos that first started with the launch of the original Jeffsy back in 2016 (the one with the slightly naff ‘nagging wife’ sexist overtones) and then continued with the horror-film styled YT Capra.

Enough about the hype. What does this vid tell us about the new YT Jeffsy?

Not a lot. Certainly nothing overt. But we can still glean a few things.

The seat angle appears to have been steepened.

The standover has possibly increased.

The front end has been muscled up a bit.

There’s still place for a full size water bottle.

All of this suppositions may turn out to be wrong – the art of YouTube screenshot analysis is not hugely reliable! – but we’re fairly confident in predicting htat the new Jeffsy will be sufficiently different from the existing version to warrant this promo campaign.

Anyway, the appearance of Mr Walken affords us the rare opportunity to slap in a few classic Walken moments on to a mountain bike website.

Is that enough cowbell for you?