Return of The Goat

While the name remains the same, everything about the design of the new 2018 YT Industries Capra has changed, even the YT logo gets a refresh.

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To coincide with YT’s tenth birthday it has launched two new versions of the Capra, the race–ready enduro bike that really elevated the status of the young talent from Germany.

2018 YT Capra 27 CF Pro Race

2018 YT Capra 27

The 27.5in version of the Capra is now pumping out a whopping 180mm of travel, with its revised Virtual Four Link suspension now much closer in form to the Jeffsy with its shorter upper link.

The sizing has been brought up to date too, and the new Capra now has size specific chain stay lengths, a feature first introduced on the Jeffsy.

2018 YT Capra 29 CF Pro

2018 YT Capra 29

But the breaking news is that there’s now a 29er version of the Capra with 170mm travel. Yes, you read that correctly. The top-end Capra 29 CF Pro Race at £4,699 has 170mm travel and 29in wheels, numbers that are fast approaching the current crop of 29er DH bikes.

It even has a new 170mm travel Fox 36 fork to keep the numbers balanced. All of the other bikes in the Capra 29er range get shocks with the same eye-to-eye length as the top end bike but a 5mm shorter stoke means rear wheel travel is going to be closer to 160mm.

YT also has two alloy versions of the Capra 29 that are very competitively priced; the AL Comp at £2,699 and the Capra 29 AL for £2,299 both with 160mm forks.

And it’s not just travel and wheel size that separates the 29er Capra from the 27.5in bike. It also gets a flip-chip on the shock mount just like the Jeffsy, which gives two geometry settings. We asked YT why it’s only the 29er bike that gets this feature, and its response wasn’t guarded in any way. Stating that YT has lots of experience with the 27.5in Capra and given that a 170mm travel 29er is uncharted territory for the mountain goat, it wanted to build some flexibility into the geometry.

Other stuff: will accept a triple-clamp fork, all cabling is internally routed, carbon frames have carbon chainstays (previous carbon Capra had alloy), new chainstay protector, new down tube protector, PF92 bottom bracket, no water bottle mounts.

2018 YT Capra 27 geometry

2018 YT Capra 29 geometry

2018 YT Capra price list

2018 YT Capra claimed weights

2018 YT Capra first ride impressions

While the specification and pricing is mirrored across both wheel sizes, the shock tunes on the 29ers are slightly firmer to make them more pedal friendly. Having ridden both bikes on the same trails at the Capra launch in Portugal, and given that the 27.5in Capra already pedals very well, we don’t think YT needed a firmer setup on the 29er, as it makes it feel less planted compared to the 27.5in bike. And given that it has less travel too, it just didn’t feel as capable.

YT has a long-standing relationship with e13 components and all of the new Capra’s get hybrid 11-speed drivertrains that combine 9-46t e13 cassettes with Shimano rear derailleurs and shifters. This combination may only have 11 gears, but it’s boasting a 511 percent gear range, 11 percent more than SRAM’s 12-speed Eagle.

Shifting is not quite as light or as slick as SRAM Eagle however, but the shorter cage, low-profile Shimano derailleurs are is much less exposed than an Eagle rear derailleur and no doubt cheaper too.

We spent two days riding both versions of the new Carpra with One day on each bike, on the same trails, in the same conditions and while we love long travel 29ers the new 27.5in Capra was the bike we’d chose to race. Maybe it was the extra travel, or possibly just the softer shock tune, but it was the bike that gave us the most confidence to really tuck on. Which is no slur on the performance of the 29er Capra, it is just that YT has set the bar incredibly high with the new 27.5in bike, we wouldn’t be surprised if no other enduro bike could touch it.

2018 YT Capra specs

There are 10 models of YT Capra now (well, there’s 12 if you count the colourway options on the CF and CF Pro models). Here’s how the specs break down…

Above: 2018 YT Capra 27 AL spec, £2,299

Above: 2018 YT Capra 27 AL Comp spec, £2,699

Above: 2018 YT Capra 27 CF spec, £3,399

Above: 2018 YT Capra 27 CF Pro spec, £3,899

Above: 2018 YT Capra 27 CF Pro Race spec, £4,699

Above: 2018 YT Capra 29 AL spec, £2,299

Above: 2018 YT Capra 29 AL Comp, £2,699

Above: 2018 YT Capra 29 CF spec, £3,399

Above: 2018 YT Capra 29 CF Pro spec, £3,899

Above: 2018 YT Capra 29 CF Pro Race spec, £4,699

2018 YT Capra studio pics

Well, why not eh?

Full press release from YT Industries

Best of both worlds

With the all-new CAPRA we created a full-on downhill machine crossed with the uphill performance of a trail bike. The modern geometry with short chain stays and a slack headtube angle perfectly unites the best of two worlds. The new CAPRA delivers an incredible combination of trail bike agility and traction at downhill standard. Downhill roots, trail supremacy.

The metric 250/230 (27/29) shock delivers the solid suspension travel of the CAPRA with a low transmission ratio and fully convinces with a performance that’s hardly ever seen away from downhill courses. Also, the CAPRA has to master the very same tests the TUES has to pass during its development and is delivered with a full-on bike park approval. That’s why the CAPRA’s operating range starts exactly where the JEFFSY 27 hands over: Rough enduro racing.

27 or 29 – not an easy decision

Because both CAPRAs are dialed into a perfect combination of aggressiveness, speed, agility, and handling, there’s no obvious ‘right’ answer. Your riding style, preferred terrain, and – last but not least, personal preference are the deciding factors.

The CAPRA 29 offers unbeatable control and stability on fast downhills while being an efficient climber on the uphills. Planted low between the axles you form a unity with the bike that offers instant confidence. Thanks to the slack headtube angle, the long wheel base and those tall, capable wheels the CAPRA is the perfect tool to conquer the Megavalanche while at the same time giving you pedaling efficiency over long distances with plenty of up- and downhills. The outstanding grip provides unheard-of propulsion on those grueling climbs and thanks to the FlipChip the geometry can be perfectly adapted to your needs.

The CAPRA 27 is for all of those looking for the playful agility of an enduro bike combined with the gravity genes of a downhiller. The extra suspension travel ensures it doesn’t give any ground when dealing with rough terrain or soaking up sketchy landings. The slack headtube angle and long wheel base ensure perfect traction while the extra short chain stays make the bikes insatiably fast and addictively engaging – on the ground and in the air. You will ride longer and crazier than ever – and will never need a lift again.


Our focus in the development process has always been to create the perfect weight distribution and optimum rider position. The seat angle of the new CAPRA is perfectly adjusted to a well-balanced pedaling position, allowing for maximum riding efficiency and pedaling prowess. The slack headtube angle and short chain stays, which again are adapted for each frame size, deliver the most advanced combination of trail bike agility and traction at downhill standard.

YT Tailor Made

For 2018, YT Tailor Made is taking things a step further. Throughout all CAPRA bikes sizes, we offer a low seat post height in combination with seat posts, that are specifically matched to each of the bike sizes. Therefore, riders can now choose between two to a maximum of three different frame sizes for their body height. Whether you prefer a moderate or long reach – you now have true freedom of choice. It’s like your frame has been tailormade for you. By opting for the longer reach, experienced riders can adjust the weight distribution more precisely while the standard reach will give your bike with a little more pop out of corners.


For model year 2018 onwards, we offer five frame sizes (S-XXL). Thanks to the smaller size increments, all riders will be able to find just their right fit. The 29er will be available from size M on and, according to our size recommendation will fit people of 1,64m and taller.

For smaller people the lever translations of a 29er would be so high, that a 27 will definitely guarantee more fun. Also, the higher stack will be more convenient for all riders north of that threshold.


For the new generation of the CAPRA we have fine-tuned our much-acclaimed Virtual 4 Link suspension system even further. We adopt the downhill principle due to the low transmission and thus create the characteristics of V4L: an off-the-top sensitivity, even more ample mid-stroke support than before and a progressive ending stroke. V4L not only gives you the confidence to hit big gaps and rugged terrain at speed, it also makes pedaling super-efficient. Additionally, we have optimized the kinematics to further reduce the influence of pedaling forces. The result is an outstanding climbing efficiency with optimum climbing position and neutral riding behavior – providing the perfect riding experience.

e*thirteen TRS cassette 511%

With a 511% gear range, the new cassette from the California crew not only equals a traditional 12- speed transmission, but it outperforms it. That 511% also means that with its 9-46 teeth sprockets, it makes the front derailleur truly superfluous – without giving up any robustness. When combined with the Shimano derailleurs we have specified, the result is a transmission that is ready for the roughest of conditions – in contrast to 12-speed transmissions with a smaller gear range. This makes it the first choice when it comes to aggressive trail riding and rough race runs – and the only choice for a YT.