Who said mountain bikers aren't fit?

As mountain bikers we generally aren’t seen as the fittest of cyclists. Our skinny-wheeled cousins sneer at us for our post-ride pints and only riding 20 miles in a day, but here’s something that might prove them wrong.

Meet Andrei Burton, he may not be as famous a name in trials as Danny MacAskill, but he’s no less skilled. Burton finished sixth at the trials World Championships and fourth at the European Championships in 2013, he also holds three World Records including the longest pole to pole jump (260cm).

Think you’re fit? Take on our core challenge

Andrei can now also call himself a Ninja Warrior as he bested the ITV game show’s monster assault course on Saturday night. Ninja Warrior describes itself as “TV’s toughest obstacle course” and sees competitors take on fiendish obstacles including the Jump Hang and the dreaded Warped Wall.

Andrei finished third on the night which was enough to see him through to the semi final. It is actually Burton’s second year on Ninja Warrior as he missed out on the final by just three seconds last year.

Last year’s final was shrouded in controversy as no-one actually won due to the difficulty of the course. Will Burton be able to see off all comers and become the winner of this year’s series?

You can watch Andrei in action here and he takes to the course at the 28 minute mark.