We thought it had been a quiet year for Danny MacAskill but he’s stormed back into the limelight by ending the year with two mind-boggling videos.

The first was the Drop and Roll teaser that saw him donning seventies hair-metal garb and performing what must surely be the world’s first mountain bike knee slide.

Now he’s released this second absolute banger of a video that sees him traversing the rooftops of Gran Canaria and displaying superlative bike-handling skills above precipitous drops.

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Yep, while most people would simply hit the beach and spend all day sizzling in the sun, MacAskill performs parkour esque stunts that will have you fearing for his safety. We’re not sure how he even begins to imagine these crazy stunts, but we’re certainly glad it’s him performing them not us.

Gran Canaria forms an amazing back drop with its multicoloured, uneven houses providing the perfect playground for MacAskill and the GoPro angles really show how close the the edge of them MacAskill really is.

The final shot of this video is an absolute triumph, we won’t spoil the surprise for you but it’s safe to say it puts the fence flip from The Ridge well and truly in the shade.