Junior World Champ versus pedal-assisted punter

Plucky young Luke pits himself a Junior XC World Champ on a hill climb spring challenge. Will his e-bike be enough to get the win?

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It’s question that many people ask. Just how much quicker is an e-bike compared to a regular bike?

This video asks the question slightly differently. Is an e-bike faster uphill than a very fit XC racer?

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Running an e-bike, presumably in full assist turbo mode, will only ever power you to 25km/h speed. Above that, the motor effectively cuts out. Is it possible to ride constantly at 25 km/h p a typically twisty singletrack climb? Can the XC World Champ go faster that 25 km/h at certain points? How long can a XC World Champ keep up the pace?

Obviously there are numerous variables at stake here. Length of climb, gradient of climb, twistiness of climb, respective weights of the riders, handling skills and so on.

But let’s not that get in the way of an excellently high concept video from young Luke.

Who wins?

Watch the video.

Video description

Adventures With Luke: “Definitely one of my craziest videos so far.. The fact I have a world champion to be in my video is so sick! Hope you guys enjoy, don’t forget to smash the like if you did (Also I know the end cut short:) Instagram: @Luke_Radley / @Cam_Mtb_Boy / @Pa1rice Snapchat: @Luke_Radley YEOWWWW”