What's your reason?

We all ride, but our motives for doing so often differ. So here’s our non-definitive list…

Torridon is MTB heaven

1. The lifer

We all probably know a lifer. One of those mountain bikers who was there at the beginning. When their independence and a carefree gateway to adventure. Exploring the local forests and hills by bike, revelling in the range these new tools gave them over a pair of walking boots.

2. Health drive

Some riders turn to their bikes, often long forgotten in the shed or garage, to kick-start a healthy living routine and get fit. Whether a desperate New Year’s resolution, or a moment of clarity at the stat of summer, mountain biking can be one of the best ways to keep fit without feeling like you’re starting a ‘keep fit’ regime.

3. Thrill seeking

Thrill seekers ride to get their adrenaline fix on a downhill uplift day, by hitting dirt jumps. Speed, excitement and danger motivate these riders to swing their leg over the top tube of the aggressive steeds.

4. Adventuring

The more adventure-hungry mountain bikers are likely to be found taking their beards out into the distant hills and mountains, laden with packs, tents or bivvy bags. Free time and weekends are spent with a group of like-minded friends disappearing into rural or remote landscapes, following the lines of a map. They often have no real idea where they might end up, or what they will encounter. Sometimes it’s endless buff singletrack, but usually it’s just a big-trotting moorland hike-a-bike. However, that’s all part of the appeal.

5. Family time

Mountain biking is amazing way to spend time with your family; accompanying your siblings, parents, partner, spouse and offspring on the trails and enjoying the bond grow firmer or their confidence grow stronger. Getting out and riding is a great way to spend quality time together, in the fresh air on a nice day.

Fontana racing at Houffalize

6. Competing

There are even people who see riding as a sport. Racers relish the act of zip-tying on a number board and going elbow-to-elbow for mile-after-mile, or simply beating the clock for a few minutes of intense downhill madness. For racers, riding is a way of pushing their limits. Fitter. Faster. Stronger.