The new video from the ridiculously skilled Chris Akrigg has landed and it’s a retro themed corker.

Those of a certain age will love seeing all the vintage bike bits and clothing. Old fully rigid Mongoose, canti brakes with long levers, T-handlebars (or was it Y?), vintage Oakley shades and Lazer helmet.

We’re not sure if the pink bumbag is vintage or cutting edge enduro. It’s hard to live in these postmodern times.

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Aside from the retro riding stuff it’s the production aesthetic of the video that is so hilarious. Just digging those computer graphics at the start dude. Even before the start the second or two of VCR “PLAY” screen is a great touch.

Thank goodness someone sorts the tracking out at 5 secs. That snow would have done our heads in.

There’s clearly been some very skilled post-production editing and effects laid and the results really are fantastic. Well done Chris!

Bonus points for featuring a bit of heavy fisheye vignetting for the river crossing bit. That sort of footage really takes us back. Not to mention making the whole video in 4:3 aspect ratio. Rad!

Once you can take your eyes of the sheer retro look and feel of the vid it’s contains some amazing riding too. Okay, some of the early on stuff is deliberately “we used to do this?!” lameness but once the vid cranks it up after a minute or so, Chris is really hammering out the moves.

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Hacking around his familiar West Yorkshire haunts of Ilkley Moor and Shipley Glen (we think), Akrigg looks – and sounds – a bit more skittery and jerky than usual but it’s clear that a lack of modern technology isn’t going to hold him back.