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The downhill World Cup series finale in Val di Sole may seem like a distant memory now but that hasn’t stopped Red Bull from firing out this compilation of the wildest moments of the entire season.

While this mainly focusses on crashes and near-misses there are actually some amazing bike handling moments in it too – we love some of the casual drifting from Danny Hart and the cornering masterclass delivered by Brendan Fairclough.

Watch us try and follow Danny Hart in Whistler

What this video does also remind us of is the great quality footage that Red bull captures for us at each round. The combined live viewing figures topped out at 1 million this year, the highest ever audience count.

The World Cup will return in April 2016. With a load of team changes happening in the off season it will no doubt be a very different racing scene to the one we left in Italy but the wildness will definitely remain. The first round is at Lourdes, which was voted the best round of 2015, and it’s sure to start off 2016 in style.