All the best action from the past seven days in social media

It’s Bonfire Night so we’ve hand-picked nine of the most explosive tweets and Instagrams from the past seven days in the world of mountain biking social media.

1. Gee Atherton addressing all the internet warriors who call him grumpy

Tweets 01:11:15 gee angry

My face’s natural go-to position is looking pissed off. I’m actually normally in a pretty good mood. I was here… Maybe a hangover. I just look like this.

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2. Josh Bryceland has teamed up with Revolution Bike Park to create this monster section of trail, would you hit it?

Tweets 05:11:15 Bryce jumps

Cannot express my excitement over the Revolution and 50 to 1 collab! James you legend.

3. We feel sorry for whoever wins the dog food…

4. If you haven’t seen it yet, this chilling video is well worth a watch.

5. A meeting of two women who are mountain bike legends… but for very different reasons

6. A cheeky snap of Tahnee Seagrave from her wintry Surrey Hills edit. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here

Tweets 05:11:15 Tahnee

If you haven’t already, go and check the video I filmed with Steel City Media for Fox. Pulling all kinds of shapes

6. Team Rumours is back but what can this all mean??

Tweets 05:11:15 lorry greenland

7. Let’s hope Joe Barnes is joking about his 32 inch wheels!

Tweets 05:11:15 Barnes

Took the new 32″ whhel Canyon out today. So good it can ride on water.

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8. Red Bull Rampage may have been a few weeks ago but Ben Deakin has spent that time crafting this edit of his trip, it looks like it will be worth the wait.

9. Halloween looks fun at Coast Gravity Park

Tweets 05:11:15 Coast Gravity

Trailer making it easy to shuttle this motley crew yesterday. Such a dialled system allows us to get our laps on laps.