Our favourite nuggets of social media from the past 7 days

January is plodding onwards and the nights are still cold and dark – thankfully that’s given us plenty of time to browse social media. Here’s our picks of the best Tweets and Instagrams from the past seven days:

1. Gee Atherton‘s giving us the hump with his corny puns.

Tweets 27:1:16 Gee

What do you call a camel without a hump?! Humphrey

2. You may remember the absolutely mad ‘S-Works’ balance bike (complete with a Hope disc brake) that Gary Tansey designed for his son’s Christmas present. Well here it is getting its first test ride.

3. Downhill World Champion Loic Bruni seems to be settling in nicely on his new Specialized team.

4. Check out these Santa Cruz Syndicate motocross bikes, would you fancy one?

5. Danny MacAskill‘s got himself a custom ride too, this time it’s a Red Bull Audi.

Tweets 27:1:16 MacAskill

“What do you think of my new wheels?”

6. More downhill team news this week as Cube announced its first ever downhill team. It will be represented this year by Scotsman Greg Williamson and Kiwi Matt Walker.

Tweets 27:1:16 cube

Cube Global Squad welcomes Greg Williamson and Matt Wlaker to the team

7. GT’s latest enduro recruit, Rachel Throop, is back on her bike after shattering her tibia last summer.

Tweets 27:1:16 Throop

“Feels good to be racing again”

8. Ok, we know we probably shouldn’t have featured Aaron Gwin for a third week in a row but this is a pretty cool story from his childhood.

Tweets 17:1:16 Gwin

“Here’s an epic Tossback Tuesday. My parents and I lived in this bad boy after I was born for five years. I grew up in the desert where it almost never snows so this day was kinda cool. They built a house on the same property that we moved into and they still live there till this day. Crazy to see where it all started. Thankful for the love and hard work they put in to help me get to where I am today”