“Come on, why am I scared?” Danny MacAskill berates himself as he pulls up to a three-storey drop on a rooftop in Gran Canaria. Well considering he wanted to perform a 20 foot backflip between two houses it’s probably with good reason.

If you haven’t seen Danny MacAskill’s Cascadia we recommend that you do so now here. For those of you that have you can watch this video to see how the yellow school backflip shot was made.

The backflip was due filmed on the penultimate day of the shoot but was one of the first locations to be picked. Danny said: “sometimes you just see something and you know you have to do it.”

Danny proves that so much of extreme cycling is mental; he knows he has the capability to land the trick but it is getting his brain in the right mind set to do it that is the hard part. Whilst he might be a superhero when it comes to bike control he gets just as nervous over certain features as your or I would.

It came to the final day of the shoot and Danny still hadn’t hit the gap. The pressure was rising.

It took him until 3:25 to finally complete the trick but the result was worth all the waiting. There was a slight over-rotation but it didn’t matter, the trick was in the bag.

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Over the course of last year, Danny has probably had one of the more intense work ethics; releasing video after video with a definite highlight being when Danny MacAskill returned as a 70s glam rocker glam rocker video for his Drop and Roll tour.

The difference between Danny and many other riders is his huge level of professionalism as he is able to overcome his fear and land the tricks and that most others would walk away from.

Now we just want to see how they set up the frontflip into the sea!