Vomit worthy vertigo trials riding

When point-of-view helmetcam footage is done right it is brilliant. And this video from a Japanese trials rider is very, very brilliant indeed.

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This video may only last 90 seconds but it packs in more drama and suspense than a 90m minute Hollywood thriller. It’s no wonder that GoPro has highlighted it as one to watch.

The premise is so simple it’s practically banal: guy rides around the top of a beamed frame in a street somewhere.

But there’s just something about it. Maybe it’s the silence. Maybe it’s the deserted street. Maybe it’s the exaggerated and confusing perspective. Maybe it’s that moment just after he sets off where his front tyre nearly slips off the side.

The rider’s name is Tumomi Nishikubo. We haven’t heard of him before but we’re currently Googling and YouTube-ing our brains out finding more of his videos.

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Right, we’re off to practice riding along a kerb and unleash our inner Tumomis. Wish us luck!