Geoff's gone to Iceland

Another internet vid in the ‘stupid ridge riding’ vein, this time featuring Geoff Gulevich on a precipitous bit of Icelandic spine.

Geoff has been riding around Iceland quite a bit, as his Instagram feed testifies.

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#iceland was the cats meow. Taking off the #japan ✌?️?? #GoPro #mtb @kcdeane @icebike

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Yoooo! What's up #iceland

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Things look better from the top. Luckily we made this trail to the bottom with @kcdeane #iceland #mtb #GoPro

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Alright for some eh?

Aside from the nausea and/or vertigo inducing aspect of the video itself we’re also rather intrigued by the camera positioning.

Initially we thought the camera was mounted on his shoulder strap or something but then it becomes clear that the frame-wobble is in sync with Geoff’s head, so the camera must be mounted on his helmet.

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Camera-on-a-stick helmet-mounting isn’t anything new but usually the arm is directly forward of the rider and rearward facing. Geoff’s to-the-side mounting works really well in giving a rider’s eye view whilst adding a bit of side-on perspective and you can see the rider’s face as well. Which is nice.