Good luck with that

Another in the series of videos featuring scary ridge rides, this one features Aaron Chase suffering a nightmare puncture.

The video is deceptively well made. It cuts between side-on drone camera footage and some truly nauseating POV helmetcam footage from Chase himself.

The puncture occurs just after the one minute mark. Thankfully the very worst of the ridge and off-camber madness has passed by that point.

There’s not much detail as to what causes the puncture but the ridge they’re riding on appears to be a huge pile of slate so it’s probably safe to assume that some slate slashed Chase’s tyre.

Watching him calmly realise he’s flatted and just ride it out and ‘surf tail’ it down to relative safety zone is mightily impressive.

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Red Bull: “‘I’m rolling on a flat [tire],’ says Aaron Chase as his back tire released all air pressure, a sharp rock overcoming the rubber’s capacity. ‘Oh boy, hang on! I’m surfing it,’ losing control of his bike…

“Join Chase, Richie Schley and Geoff Gulevich at Retallack Lodge for a wild ride high above the steep and exposed high alpine ridgelines of British Columbia’s Selkirk mountains.

“‘You kind of get this unnerving feeling up here,’ says Chase as he peers down over thousands of feet of repeated mountainside. ‘Especially before a big, big drop.'”