Move over Lily there’s a new follow-you drone in town – and it’s Artificially Intelligent and everything. Or so the makers claim anyway.


Staaker drone complete with GoPro and the remote control unit

The Staaker drone (a variation on the word ‘stalker’?) is not the first drone to have auto-follow function – the ability to follow and film you as you ride without being piloted – but it is the first to be “artificially intelligent”.

It’s taken the developers three years, 11 engineers and 50 prototypes to get to the finished product.

Michael Luff of Staaker told Grindtv: “What sets the Staaker apart is that, because of its AI, it will learn your movements,

“We developed a series of elaborate algorithms to help the Staaker calculate where you will be in the future. Once it figures that out, the Staaker works out the best possible angle to film and will fly around you to get the best shot.

“The drone has its own brain, and it works like a cameraman on a helicopter. Whereas other drones will simply follow you in one position, we worked with top directors and asked how they would get the best shots, and programmed the Staaker to get all the different angles they would aim for.”

To use the Staaker you need to wear the waterproof tracking device as you ride your bike and the Staaker can then choose from five different follow modes to get various footage angles.

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The Staaker was tested by – amongst surfers and snowboarders – Cam Zink. From these tests, Staaker determined that the drone would need to have a top speed of 50mph and a battery life of 30 minutes.