The Lancashire forest trail centre to finally get a proper trailhead after years of recent trail development

Pace Cycles already run similar setups in Dalby Forest and at Sutton Bank in Yorkshire. This announcement sees them cross the border into Lancashire to take on Gisburn Forest.

The opening date for the new cafe and bike shop – dubbed the Forest Den Cafe – is stated as being “June 2016”.


Long time coming

Gisburn Forest in Lancashire saw something of a total rebirth a few years ago when Rowan Sorrel followed by a team of local trail builders put in an extensive network of new trails.

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Whilst the trail building has been ongoing – the Gisburn Forest trail builders are out there in all weathers all the time – the facilities surrounding having been sorely lacking. Visitors have either had to be entirely self-sufficient – not easy in the middle of nowhere – or they’ve had to start in nearby villages which have extremely limited parking.

A new car park went in a couple of years or so ago but there’s been nothing else since. This is despite the increasing popularity of the forest with riders and regular racing events taking place there, such as the PMBA Enduro series.

This new announcement from Pace Cycles ends all the waiting and speculation.

The statement from Pace

“Pace are excited to announce they are expanding their family business and will be the Official Cafe/Bike Hire & Retail Operators for Gisburn Forest. Alongside the Cafe our intention is to develop a retail and cycle hire presence.”

“Sophie, the youngest of the Pace family, moved over to the North West this year and it was a perfect opportunity and dream for her to open something a bit closer to home. With the experience that Sophie and her sister Aimée have had with both Dalby Bike Barn, Sutton Bank Bikes and of course Pace they are now ready for a new challenge.”

“We are passionate and determined to make this the best Trail Centre in the North West of England.”