Adrian didn’t mince his words when explaining what happened: “Some lowlife broke into our garage at home on Saturday night and slithered off down the garden and over the river with four bikes. It’s too much to hope for that they didn’t make it across and by now are floating face down in the North Sea.”

The bikes taken were:

RC506 full sus (pictured below) Ano silver. Medium. DT EXC 150 thru-axle fork, 1750 white wheelset and EX200 shock. Hope discs. Distinguishing features are prototype BB and plate bracing lower linkages together.


RC303 hardtail (below). Black. Medium. Pace RC41 fork. Hope hoops in black. XT. Hope discs. Distinguishing features- none other than everything is black.


RC300 hardtail (main pic). Ano silver. Compact. Totally blinged out with RC39 fork, DT silver wheelset, XTR everything. Hope discs. Distinguishing features- weird square tubes.

RC300 hardtail. Ano blue. Compact. RC31 fork. Shimano discs, silver mavic rims. Distinguishing features- only one there is+pink girly saddle.

If you spot any of them, please email