Rowan Sorrell's been at it again.

The doors are set to open at the Glencullen Adventure Park next week – July 29th/30th – so we can finally let the cat out of the bag.

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Rowan Sorrell and the Back on Track team are the people who built Gawton Gravity Hub, BikePark Wales, Lee and Cragg Quarries, Bikepark Ireland’s original trail network and plenty of other stuff.

Glencullen Adventure Park

They’ve now revealed details of a new bikepark about 15 minutes from Dublin city centre called the Glencullen Adventure Park (or the GAP).

Rowan Sorrel explains: “Last summer we received an interesting enquiry to conduct a feasibility study to asses if it was viable to transform a recently closed golf course into a mountain biking venue. This one caught our attention for sure, and perhaps it is a sign of the times and shows how far mountain biking has progressed over the last 10 years.

“James headed over to the site in Glencullen and from that initial visit, it was clear that with some careful planning and design, the area offered good potential for some quality descending trails. Subsequently we were employed by GAP to design and then develop a suite of 12 trails that would unlock the full potential of the site.”

A hectic eight month build was set into motion with trails ranging from Blue to Black. There are also a couple of ‘Pro Lines’.

The bikepark is split into two zones which are both accessed by the one uplift drop-off stop. One zone has smooth, flowy stuff (Blue, Red, dual slalom and some Red and Black jump trails). The second zone in the ‘technical’ zone. Steeper, rocky with a mix of Red and Black more natural feeling stuff.

From next week’s launch there will be car parking, bike hire and uplift all in place and running. A café won’t be operational just yet but will be sorted soon.

glencullen adventure park glencullen adventure park glencullen adventure park glencullen adventure park glencullen adventure park

The website – – is not live yet but you can head over to the Glencullen Adventure Park Facebook page to see what’s what.

glencullen adventure park

Bonus Bikepark news

Whilst in Ireland, Back On Track returned to Bikepark Ireland in Roscrae, to add a new top to bottom Blue grade jump line to the park to complement the existing Red trail.

They’ve also rebuilt the red jump trail, building up the size of the jumps and re-shaping all the features. “Bikepark Ireland’s red jump trail is probably our favourite freeride creation, it has so much flow and a great mix of jump styles.” – Rowan Sorrell, Back On Track.

Also, the Bikepark Ireland team themselves have handbuilt a new technical Black line, which brings the park’s trail network up to seven top to bottom runs.