Uplifting trails.

Bike parks are enjoying a boom in this country in the moment and it’s easy to see why. They provide more thrills-per-minute than any other type of riding and allow you to enjoy more than ten descents in a day.

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Now that bikes are more capable than ever before, thousands of riders are challenging themselves on these downhill style trails and are being rewarded with some of the best riding in the country.

We’ve picked the best bike park trails for you to try below…

1. Proper Job, Gawton, Devon

Proper Job was designed to bridge the gap between the fast and flowing HSD (High Speed Descent) and the more challenging Egypt and Super Tavi and the Woodland Riders build team judged it perfectly.

Proper Job is the perfect mix of tech, jumps and flow and is split into sections that can be easily sessioned until you have the whole track dialled. If you go it’s probably best to book yourself on the uplift though, the push up is a nightmare.

While you’re there

Head over to Tavi Woodlands and check out some of the local handbuilt tracks.

2. Freeride, Revolution Bike Park, North Wales

Revolution is definitely aimed at the more downhill oriented rider, with both Dan Atherton and Josh Bryceland building trails there, but the Freeride track is ridable on any bike.

In the top woods it’s a mellow jumpy trail with alternate lines around any of the big features, then you shoot over the fireroad into swooping berms that seem to last forever. The end of Freeride joins up with Ghetto for a slippery off camber crescendo to a wonderful trail.

While you’re there

Go and ogle the Atherton’s quarry line, you won’t believe how crazy it is when you see it.

3. The Red, Fort William, Scotland

Aonoch Mor is most famous for its intimidating World Cup downhill track that has been challenging the world’s best riders for 13 years. However, there is also a red trail that can be ridden as well.

The red shares a lot of characteristics with the World Cup track such as long boardwalks and exposed rock, but is a step down in difficulty and a lot more friendly to your body. Best of all, it’s lift accessed.

While you’re there

Challenge yourself on one of the hardest tracks in the world; the World Cup DH track.

4. A470 Line, Bike Park Wales, South Wales

Aiming to emulate Whistler’s legendary A Line, the A470 line is Bike Park Wales’ premier jump trail with more take offs and landings than Cardiff airport.

Starting with a few wooded corners off Melted Welly, the trail soon widens, cutting a lip-strewn swathe across the open hillside. With bigger take-offs on the left and smaller tables on the right, it’s primed for upping the boost levels as your confidence grows.

While you’re there

Take your pick! Bike Park Wales is chock-a-block with top quality riding.

5. Wild Cart, Antur Stiniog, North Wales

Built on the side of a huge slate quarry near Snowdon, Antur Stiniog provides a rocky challenge like no other. A day here will leave you battered and bruised but its four trails are some of the most fun you can have on a bike in Britain.

Our pick of the bunch is Wild Cart that provides rocky challenging sections in tandem with opportunities to find flow and pick up speed in between. Just make sure you’ve packed some spare tubes.

While you’re there

See if you’re brave enough to take on the boulder drop.

6. Mainline, Farmer Johns, Manchester

Farmer Johns is a lesser-known bike park situated just south of Manchester. It gets less traffic than most places but there’s a real community spirit and John himself will always make you feel welcome. Even if you don’t race downhill trying one of the fancy dress night races should be on your mountain bike bucket list.

The tracks aren’t named and are constantly evolving but always provide high speed thrills on the open top section before testing your mettle in the steep woods. Our pick is to start at the very top then traverse across the middle field, down the zig-zagging berms and into the woods at the appropriately named Carnage Corner.

While you’re there

Watch the local dirt jumpers on the jump trails.

7. Launchpad, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

The Launchpad makes this list for a very specific reason, it’s the first purpose built trail for four-wheeled bikes. This allows disabled riders to go out and shred without worrying about being too wide for the trail.

Don’t let this stop you hitting it on two wheels either though. The trail is far from technical but this allows you to hit it as fast as you like without any fear. It’s great to rides as a train with a few mates and see who can scrub each transition the hardest.

While you’re there

Give your legs a spin on the Verderers trail.