The Crankbrothers Cleat Tool takes the headache out of installing and replacing clip-in pedal cleats.


Crankbrothers has released a Cleat Tool, which allows riders to precisely align their cleats during installation, and keep them from moving during the tightening process. This takes the guesswork out of cleat replacement and can help to prevent injuries from poorly fitted cleats. It can be used with Crankbrothers, SPD (Shimano) and Time Atac cleats, and costs $5.99. This means it could be used alongside Crankbrothers’ newest shoes, the Mallet.

Crankbrothers Cleat Tool

Simplifying cleat set-up: the Crankbrothers Cleat Tool

Crankbrothers Cleat Tool need to know:

  • New Cleat Tool is compatible with Crankbrothers, SPD and Time Atac cleats
  • The tool is made with 67% post-consumer recycled material
  • MSRP of $5.99 USD
  • Allows riders to align their clipless cleats using “visual guides”
  • Also includes four tread depth gauges for cleat shim and pedal setup if using the Crankbrothers system

Crankbrothers Cleat Tool

If you use any of the best clipless pedals then you know how cleats can wear out. Especially with MTB shoes, where you’re often walking with the cleats attached – who really has time to put protectors on and off?! And when cleats wear out they need to be replaced – another job that starts as a simple five minute effort but often ends up taking a lot longer because you can’t quite remember how the cleats were set up.

Crankbrothers Cleat Tool

Side gauge shows what shim you need when using Crankbrothers cleats.

The Crankbrothers Cleat Tool isn’t exactly revolutionary in the world of mountain biking, but it might make your life that little bit easier. Essentially, it works by allowing users to align their clipless cleats using the visual guide from the tool. It also claims to prevent the cleats from twisting or moving around whilst you tighten them into place.

So how does it work? You fit the cleat inside the tool, and then move it into place onto the shoe. If you have Crankbrothers pedals, you can use the shim measurement on the side of the tool to determine what level of shim you need to ensure you can clip into the pedal, and release safely.

And that’s it. It seems like a pretty neat option that doesn’t cost a lot of money. There are other more precise options out there like the Ergon TP1 Pedal Cleat Tool, but that costs significantly more at £26.99.

The Crankbrothers Cleat Tool comes with a lifetime warranty and is created with 67% post-consumer recycled material. The tool is now on the Crankbrothers website.