Burgtec reveals new riser bar, shaped to Josh Bryceland's riding specifications.

Riser bars might be something of a rarity on new bikes, but ultra-progressive geometry might trigger a revival of demand.

With the standardisation of 29er wheels, most bikes gained an inherently higher front end. The result was that many riders, of average height, no longer saw the need for riser bars.

But as some industrial designers have attempted to gain those additional few millimetres of reach, by shaving stack heights, front ends have dropped a touch. This issue is especially prevalent for taller riders, such as former downhill world champ and style master, Josh Bryceland.

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Rising above the trend

When his signature handlebar launched with Burgtec three years ago, it was considered quite radical, at 38mm of rise. Despite the handlebar’s geometry, Bryceland kept asking Burgtec if they had any 50mm riser bars for him to try.

The frequency of his requests created a new product idea. When a rider of Bryceland’s ability asks for something, product planning does its best to respond.

Burgtec’s answer is a redesigned Josh Bryceland signature handlebar. As you would expect for an 800mm width handlebar, it is only available in the larger 35mm bore size.

Premium Burgtec alloy

This new Bryceland handlebar features 9° of backsweep and 5° of upsweep, as its touchpoint geometry. Most importantly, the overall rise has grown from 38- to 50mm.

With its generous overall width, the new Bryceland riser bar doesn’t look too radical, and does exactly what its originator desired. After the first few rides, Bryceland immediately felt relief in his back and a more natural stack at the front of the bike.

If you feel that the front of your new 29er trail or enduro bike has gotten a touch too low, the 50mm Bryceland signature riser bar retails for £58.33. At 391g, it is only heavier by 45g, compared to the 38mm version.