There are loads of reasons to swap out your bars, so with this in mind here's our pick of the current best mountain bike handlebars deals


The best mountain bike handlebars deals in alloy or carbon, both clamps sizes (31.8, 35mm) and in all rise heights (15 to 50mm). Not only that, all the bars are decently wide. There are no dodgy old-stock narrow bars in this lot.

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Why get some new handlebars? There are plenty of reasons.

One unfortunate reasons for shopping for some new bars is that you’ve had a crash and suspect that your current bars are damaged and thus unsafe. Similarly, if your a regular mountain biker and your bars are a few years old, you may be pushing your luck. It’s a good idea not to run bars until they finally give out after a few years of hard riding.

The other reasons for buying some new bars are more to do with bike handling. Maybe you’re switching to a different stem clamp diameter ie. going from 31.8mm to 35mm, or vice versa. And then there’s opportunities for tweaking your cockpit ‘stance’; wider bars, higher rise bars, bars with more back sweep or up sweep.

Or maybe you just want some new cool handlebars, just because. That’s fine. Regardless of your rational, here’s our pick of the best mountain bike handlebars deals right now.

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Truvativ BooBar Riser Bars, alloy, 31.8 clamp, 20/30mm rise, was £60.00 now £34.49

“Always looking for an edge, Truvativ’s pros asked them to make a bar that’s stiff, precise and super-wide—and still pretty light. The BooBar, made with tough 7050 alloy features a race-proven shape including a 7° back-sweep and 5° up-sweep, and weighing just 270g, the BooBar gives the pros, and you the confidence to push the envelope just a little bit further.” View Deal

mountain bike handlebars deals

Funn Black Ace, carbon, 31,8 clamp, 10/15/30mm rise, was £119.99 now £95.99

“Keeping you turning with power and poise, this version’s special layering offers exceptional dominance as you race across the roughest and wildest of terrain conditions. This is the ultimate choice of upgrade for off-road thrill-seekers who want a robust component for conquering the toughest of rides.” View Deal

Nukeproof Horizon V2 31.8, carbon, 31.8 clamp, 12/25/38mm rise, was £109.99 now £89.99

“This riser bar features an updated design with a unique offset profile. Nukeproof feel that 9deg backsweep is the most ergonomic angle for your wrists but the trade-off is you will lose some reach. This unique profile allows you to have 9 deg backsweep but without reducing reach as you would get on a standard bar. One final highlight is it comes complete with a 31.8mm clamp and technical markings on the top, which means you can easily set up the Nukeproof Horizon V2 Carbon Riser Bar 31.8mm while sitting on your bike.” View Deal

mountain bike handlebars deals

Spank Spike 800 Race Vibrocore, alloy, 31.8 clamp, 15/30mm rise, was £89.99 now £72.34

“In addition to the high-quality alloy construction with its shot peen anodised finish, these bars are injected with Spank’s highly advanced Vibrocore vibration damping foam. This helps to reduce hand-numbness and the dreaded “arm pump”, so you can take on the longest descents and roughest sections of the trails with even more aggression and confidence.” View Deal

Spank Oozy, alloy, 35 clamp, 25mm rise, was £89.99 now £59.99

“Optimised for attacking the trail and heading out on all mountain adventures, this strong and dependable Spank bar is well-sized and suited for the most daring riders. At just 270g, this zirconium-doped alloy bar is ideally weighted for navigating technical sections, making climbs that bit easier, without compromising on durability and toughness.” View Deal

Ultimate USE Boom, carbon, 35 clamp, 30mm rise, was £134.99 now £99.00

“Featuring 30mm of rise, 9-degrees of backsweep and 5-degrees of upsweep, the Boom Riser bar puts you in the ideal position for control. Also, to help you to dominate the roughest terrain, ULTIMATE USE has incorporated an anti-vibration taper technology to dampen sudden impacts. The bars are finished off with stealth black graphics over a matt finish give them a subtle, understated look.” View Deal

Funn Full On, alloy, 35 clamp, 15/30mm rise, was £39.99 now £31.99

“Offering superior front end strength and stiffness, this stunning model is equipped with a 35mm bar clamp. This means you will benefit from its sharper control and confidence when blasting over jumps and bumps. Perfect for conquering every inch of the woodland, this is an ideal choice of upgrade for riders who want top-tier performance at a competitive price.” View Deal

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Nukeproof Horizon V2 35, carbon, 35 clamp, 12/25/38mm rise, was £109.99 now £89.99

“Taking the best features of Nukeproof’s original carbon bar, the revised Horizon V2 Carbon Riser Bar (35mm) includes some exciting updates for exceptional control and comfort on the MTB (mountain bike) trails. It features an optimised unidirectional carbon construction, which allowed Nukeproof to achieve a strong, lightweight and compliant bar. This means you’ll enjoy its excellent stiffness when climbing, without any unnecessary weight holding you back when descending.” View Deal

Renthal Fatbar Lite, alloy, 35 clamp, 10/20/30/40mm rise, was £69.99 now £54.99

“The Fatbar Lite Riser Bars (35mm) from Renthal have put flex characteristics at the centre of their design. These 35mm handlebars have matched the same flex characteristics of the 31.8mm model, ensuring that this riser bar has the same riding quality that Renthal is renowned for.” View Deal

Spank Spike 800 Race bar with Race 2 stem, alloy, 31.8 clamp, 50mm rise, was £114.99 now £68.99

“This trail-ready bundle features a Spank Spike 800 Race Bar with 50mm rise and a Spank Race 2 Stem for stronger and safer performance on the most demanding mountain bike terrains. Ready for wherever the next off-road adventure takes you, this combination is ideal for both downhill racers and mountain bike trail-riders.” View Deal

Mountain bike handlebars deals don’t last forever

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