Strava Year In Sport 2018

Every year Strava tally up their stats and compile them into an interesting annual summary. Here’s the pick of the stats for mountain bikers.

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Which, besides meaning we get to ask our annual ‘when will Strava have mountain biking as a specific activity?‘ plea, means we get to sift through various factoids looking for nuggets of interesting stuff that we can pop into conversation mid- or post-ride.

Strava Year in Sport 2018 highlights

UK men over 50 upload the most activities to Strava.

15 million activities are uploaded to Strava every week.

That equates to 20 uploads every second!

The total globally given Strava kudos is 3,603,479,590.

Of which 562,046,534 are kudos given in the UK and Ireland.

There were 1,923,521 new cycling segments created in 2018 (that’s despite Strava cracking down on too-short and too-similar segments).

Group rides ride 21.4% further compared to solo rides.

Riding group sizes are larger in UK and Ireland than the international average (13.6 riders versus 8.6).

Activities with emojis in the title receive twice the amount of kudos :-O

June 26 was most active riding day in the UK.

Riders who set goals are more likely to stay active through the year (with 95% of them still active after 6 months).

Total rides recorded on Strava in 2018: 287.5 million.

This equates to 8.5 billion km logged on Strava.

Total rides recorded on Strava in UK and Ireland: 42.3 million.

This equates to 1.0 billion km logged on Strava.

The average UK bike ride is 29.1km.