Traily McTrailface

We asked you for the weirdest Strava segment names that you’ve come across. Here is a list of some of what you sent us. It makes you worry about folks’ sanity…

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There are a lot of Strava segments out there and not very many of them have normal names. We asked on our Facebook and Twitter pages for your suggestions. Here’s what you came back with*

*this is the censored list! Don’t click on the above link to our Facebook post if you don’t want to be offended. You have been warned.

Weird Strava segment names

Please remove your shopping from the bagging area

Flee wheeling while the pigs are a squealing

Body bag drop off zone

Comin’ thru … move it or lose it sister!

Aldi D’Huez

Red Bull & a Kebab

Sausage spew

Wander bus drivers death lottery

The Slaying Of Stevie Wonder

Deliverance Getaway

Dr Bongo’s Funk Emporium

Thai bride

Charles Bronson

Northern monkey

Secret Squirrel

Attack of the baldys

Musty grotto

Ghandi’s Flip Flop

Bambi’s Bonce

Hot baps

Monkey spooked by wood

Cliff Thorburn

Moss moustache mountain decent

Dr O’s Magical Mystery Tour

The shakey Jaykee

Melanie’s stinky cat

Whistling kitty chaser

Steep as Ken

Peter storm headspinner

Nice Gussage [Fizzeek]

Interstellar Sheep Track


B-Bop Benny

Bewildered Possum


Trust me I’m a stomach

Feed the pony!

Sara Cox’s Fishfinger Butties

Drop the box on mans dem

Trevor Phillips ate my hamster

Makes me want to punch a kitten in the face

Smelly cat

Sketchier than a parrot on acid

Billie Piper’s Armpit

Cough up a lung lane

Traily Mctrailface