Big savings available with the mountain bike-specific Safety package

Strava Premium is being phased out and replaced with three different subscriptions options called Summit: Training, Analysis and Safety.

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Strava Summit packages

  • Summit Training: provides all the tools and insights athletes need to train smarter.
  • Summit Analysis: deep dive into performance data from connected devices.
  • Summit Safety: enables exploration of new trails.

strava summitIt’s the rather uninspiringly titled Safety Summit package that is of interest to mountain bikers.

If you’re currently paying £44.99 per year (or £5.99 per month) for Strava Premium then you might wish to switch to the new ‘Safety’ Summit package instead.

The Safety Pack helps members plan adventures on (or off) well-travelled routes, enjoy unique visualizations with Personal Heatmaps and stay safe while exploring. With Beacon, Summit members select safety contacts who get to see where they are during an activity in real time on a map – and if they’re running late because they’re still hanging out at the coffee shop or because they’re stuck on the side of the trail and need help.

A lot of mountain bikers will no doubt just want the trail exploring and Beacon safety features of Strava Premium the introduction of Summit Safety offers a big saving with no loss of useful/used Strava features.

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If you are a training datahead and KOM-chasing addict then the Training package will also get you: real-time GPS tracking customisable goals, race analysis (splits etc), filtered segment leaderboards. The Analysis package gets you: heart rate monitor and power meter analysis, advice on when best to rest/taper, live power analysis, relative effort info.

You can subscribe to all three Summit packages for £47.99 per year (or £6.99 per month). Individual annual subscription to just one of the packages costs £18.99 per year (or £2.49 per month).

Existing Strava Premium athletes retain access to all the advanced features they love at their current price.