We don't use the word lightly. Whether he was on the race course or in a bike movie Stevie was frequently amazing

Canadian downhill racer Stevie Smith tragically died yesterday in a motorcycle accident. Here we celebrate his exciting but all too brief contribution to mountain biking.

If you want to know what all the fuss is about, or you just want to remind yourself of what an impressive rider Stevie Smith was, watch these seven clips….

Winning at Leogang 2013

Perhaps this is how history will best remember Stevie Smith. One of the most exciting race runs of all time to claim the overall World Cup championship in 2013. His stoppie into Leogang’s final area followed by his bike-abandoning and joyful jaunty jog around is just fantastic to watch again and again.

Stevie getting shuttled by his Mum in Seasons

Riding for Cove Bikes at the point. This was the time time a lot of people first encountered Stevie Smith. From here on in he was on everyone’s ones-to-watch list. Warning: this is a very emotional watch.

Winning at Hafjell 2013

The Canadian racer shows how a bit of moisture and mud won’t hold him back. A masterclass in how to handle slippery conditions. Just check out the bit at 1m 34s where he drifts and then pedals(!) across an insanely greasy camber.

Winning at Mont Sainte Anne 2013

What can you say about the moment at 55 secs where Smith is just absolutely hauling? Another of his signature drifts around a lefthand turn and straight into dealing with a nasty rock garden. And when we say “dealing with” we should really say “gapping over”.

Red Bull Psychosis

Smith was Red Bull athlete and it was he who really made this showpiece event make sense and work as a competition rather than just a stunt. Sam Hill may have took the win but it Stevie Smith’s run that you replayed.

Winning at Crankworx 2013

Smith’s bike sponsor Devinci were one of the first companies to get behind the 27.5 wheel size moment for Downhill. Here Smith uses his wheels to great effect to cling on to his Crankworx title from the year before.

Stevie and Gee having a blast in NZ

One of the best MTB edits of all time. To watch two fairly different pro riders having a blast on their bikes and pushing each other on is just a great thing to watch. Warning: you WILL want to go out and ride your bike after watching this one.