Candide Thovex is a legend

Yes this is a ski video and not a mountain bike video. And yes the skier isn’t just skiiing mountain trails. He’s skiing… everywhere!

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Nevertheless we reckon this mountain bike-less video will have a strong appeal to mountain bikers.


Because… well, just watch the first few seconds and go from there.

It is amazing.

It features a skier called Candide Thovex skiing without snow. Skiing down loads of stunning locations around the world that would be more often seen in mountain bike videos.

The opening scene of Thovex skiing down what ostensibly looks like some Red Bull Rampage-style desert mountains is incredible enough on its own. And it only lasts eighteen seconds.

From there Thovex skis amidst some ‘terracotta army’ style open hills somewhere in China or Mongolia (it doesn’t even look real does it?). The it quickly switches to some geyser gas mountain ridgesand then some black volcanic ‘pistes’ (possible Iceland? Certainly looks very much like where they shot Star Wars Rogue One anyway).

The section of Thovex hurtling down a ridged grassy incline looks incredibly painful on his poor old knees. And then he pops out on the Great Wall of China.

And then.

And then.

And then.

It’s one of those videos.

Video description

Candide Thovex: “Candide and Audi partner up to Ski the World. Filmed on Planet Earth”