Swappable shock mounts allow the Sqweeb to be a trail, enduro or mullet bike.

American boutique mountain bike brand, Reeb, has revealed a V4 version of its Sqweeb dual-suspension platform.

Designed as a confident descender, the Sqweeb is available in three configurations. There are 130- and 150mm travel 29ers, and a 160mm mullet version.

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Sqweeb three-in-one

A removable lower shock mount allows V4 owners to run their bike in any of the three applications – provided they have the appropriate shocks and forks, to match. Reeb’s suspension platform is a custom-tuned version of the proven Horst-link design.

The possibility exists to run a 130mm Sqweeb as your mileage-eating trail bike and swap its shock, rear wheel and fork for some enduro riding as a 160mm mullet. It all depends on your mood, riding venue and level of DIY component swapping patience – and confidence.

You could also do the reverse and run the 150mm Sqweeb as a 130mm trail bike. Many options, if you don’t mind keeping additional parts in the quest for that true quiver-killer dual-suspension bike.

Long, slack and narrow

What are the changes between Reeb’s Sqweeb V3 and V4? Less weight and more progressive geometry.

Designers at Reeb have managed to take 92g of weight out of the rocker link, despite adding dual-row bearings to increase durability. The Reeb dual-suspension frames also gain additional lateral stiffness around the rear as part of the rocker redesign.

The bikes have become narrower, too, with the rear triangle being trimmed by 10mm each side – reducing the risk of heel strikes.

Reeb quotes a reference head angle of 65-degrees for the Sqweeb V4 frame, with a size large having 482mm of reach.

Frame specifications are typical of what one would expect from a boutique brand. The bottom bracket is BSA 73mm threaded and there’s plenty of tyre clearance for 29×2.5” or 27.5×2.6” tyres. Reeb has also shaped the seat tube to play nice with long-stroke dropper posts.