Digital Woodland is a new collection, within Rapha’s mountain bike range. It features a striking digital patter, in contrast to the subtler trail range.

Rapha’s entry into mountain biking has been keenly anticipated, the company was always going to bring disruption to mountain biking. Enter the Digital Woodland collection.

The iconic cycling apparel brand has been a trendsetter in both its design and marketing, developing a loyal following in the road and gravel riding markets.

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Digital Woodland brings digital design to the trail

Although many mountain bikers were mildly surprised at the competitive pricing of Rapha’s trail kit, considering its legacy as a premium brand, the colours might be a touch too subdued, for some.

Rapha’s has swiftly added to its new mountain bike product range, with a new selection of pixelated fabric designs.

Marketed as the Digital Woodland look, this limited edition Rapha mountain bike collection is typically ironic in its inspiration. Rapha’s designers are said to have drawn inspiration from wilderness singletrack environments, and urban settings, where riders wish to escape from.

The digitized repetition pattern is certainly striking and comes in a selection of three designs.

Rapha’s Digital Woodland range includes both the short and three-quarter sleeves technical trail jerseys, for men.

Bold colours

The women’s offering sees two options, with a tank top, short sleeve technical t-shirt, offering a bright pink digital pattern, as the secondary colour option.

If you desire that comprehensive Digital Woodland look, Rapha’s collaboration with Smith optics and safety gear, will fulfil that requirement.

rapha digital woodland

The aesthetic even extends to accessories

The Smith Pro Team full frame riding optics and Forefront 2 half shell helmet, can also be had with a Digital Woodland finish.

Ranges and prices

Keen on Rapha’s latest kit? The t-shirts price at £55, with a three-quarter sleeve jersey at £75.

Rapha’s most affordable item in this new collection, is the women’s tank top, at £50.

The personal protection and vision accessories, retail for £120 and £175, which get you the riding glasses and helmet, respectively.