Want to impress your road riding mates with stylish new threads? Rapha Trailwear is happening.

One of the most iconic apparel brands, is getting closer to revealing its first mountain bike range.

In the realm of road and gravel riding, Rapha is revered as a premium brand. Despite its proven presence in the gravel and adventure bike markets, the globally recognized London cycling brand has resisted venturing into mountain bike gear.

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But that is all changing, as Rapha prepares to bring its Trailwear range to market, this summer, and don’t expect a range of tight-fitting XC targeted lycra. Rapha’s gravel kits already cater to marathon mountain bikers who have an affinity for the brand.

From the social media previews and short edit released by Rapha, it is clear that the brand’s Trailwear range will focus on singletrack and gravity riders.

Eliot Jackson, the former downhill racing pro and versatile Californian style master on a mountain bike, recently posted a few images of himself, in Rapha casual wear.

Jill Kinter, the BMX and 4X phenom, has also shared images of her riding in new Rapha gear, which looks like it might feature advanced textiles, cut into shapes made for enduro riding.

Rapha’s presence will inarguably disrupt the mountain bike apparel market. Especially in the trail segment. The brand is exceptionally targeted and capable of creating differentiated demand in saturated style segments.

Joining the club?

Despite being a new entrant to the competitive mountain bike clothing market, the brand has a significant potential advantage, with its is Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) concept.

The RCC app has 20 000 users and with a series of global ride events, and exclusive product offers, Rapha has brilliantly managed to retain and curate loyalty amongst its customers.

Within the RCC user profile, there must certainly be a fair number of riders, who also ride trail bikes. And this could be the seeding demand, for Rapha’s initial mountain bike attire offering.