Fun edit featuring Ethan Nell on a YT DECOY in the Utah steeps

Fun edit featuring Ethan Nell on a YT DECOY in the Utah steeps.

>>> YT have finally made an e-bike and it’s called the YT DECOY

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YT DECOY press release

Post Rampage blues? Nell & DECOY hang out in Utah

If you thought Ethan Nell would be putting his feet up after two weeks of digging, shaping and shredding in Utah the past two weeks then you have another thing coming. Ethan Nell switches it up in the desert and sends it on his home trails riding the DECOY for a change. In his latest edit Ethan Nell puts the DECOY through its paces while riding local trails in Utah and sends it over lips and down gnarly lines like a bullet from a gun. The 22-year-old American tackles technical uphills with ease to collect even more “airmiles”. After all, you can never have enough airtime, right?

“The DECOY is a beast! I was blown away. It feels just like a CAPRA and turns lame, flat trails into fast and flowy jump trails. My go-to bike will always be my TUES, but if I go on a trail ride the DECOY is what gets loaded into the truck.” – Ethan Nell