Revel in the performance potential of CBF suspension with this new enduro bike.

Revel has a new version of its Rail enduro bike platform, with bigger wheels.

The American carbon-fibre bike brand, known for its patented Canfield Balance Formula (CBF) suspension, has finally made a 29er enduro bike, giving the Rail 27.5 a bigger-wheeled twin.

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Better bearings

Featuring 155mm of suspension travel, Revel’s new 29er offers a big step-up for the brand’s 29er mountain bike portfolio. Previously, the longest travel 29er that Revel made, was the 130mm Rascal.

The Rail 29er’s 25mm increase in travel – compared to Rascal – is matched by revised linkage hardware.

Revel has increased the bearing size and seal integrity for its pivots. That means they should be last longer in very muddy or dusty riding conditions and better resist lateral load-induced wear, too.

An evolved linkage design

Revel’s licencing of the CBF suspension system is one of the brand’s strongest selling points. And if you are a follower of all things CBF, you’ll notice this Rail 29 has fewer linkage and frame bearings.

Industrial designers at Revel have managed to retain the CBF system’s feel and reduce the number of bearings from 18 to ten. The result? Less of a maintenance burden over time and a lighter frame. Remarkably, the Rail 29 is lighter than its 27.5 cousin by 290g.

You can up the Rail – to 170mm

And those geometry numbers? Revel hasn’t gone too extreme with the Rail 29er. A build with the recommended 160mm fork sets this new Revel enduro bike at a 65-degree head angle, with all frame sizes sharing a 436mm chainstay length.

Reach numbers aren’t overly long, with a size large stretching to 469mm. Want to overfork it? Revel says the Rail 29er will run fine with a 170mm fork.

Some of the frame details include a 73mm threaded bottom bracket and two hydration bottle mounts, on opposite sides of the down tube.

Like the Rail 27.5, this 29er version plays nice with both air and coil shocks, true to its purpose as a dedicated enduro bike.