Revel has revealed a new rim that goes perfectly with any down-country bike.

Coloradoan mountain bike brand, Revel, had added a new wheel to its product offering.

Beyond the range of trail and enduro bikes, featuring Revel’s CBF suspension, the company has also invested in producing some rather interesting rims.

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Using an advanced carbon-fibre construction process, Revel’s managed to remove most of epoxy you’d find binding a tractional composite wheel. They call it ‘Fusion Fibre’ and it uses polymers to bind the unidirectional carbon-fibre base material.

Without that epoxy, production is cleaner and quicker, with curing times that are a fraction of conventional epoxy bonded carbon-fibre wheels. Evaluated as a lifecycle product, the lack of epoxy makes a Fusion Fibre rim much easier to recycle – which is becoming an important feature for those smaller mountain bike brands, who wish to champion their sustainability status.

A narrower rim for less aggressive riders

Revel established its Fusion Fibre wheel range little more than a rear ago, with the RW30. That rim option is now complemented by a new R27, which is pretty much what you think: a 27mm internal diameter wheel structure targeted at XC and trail riders.

This new Fusion Fibre RW27 rim has a hookless profile and 35mm depth. Revel will only be offering its new rim in the 29er wheel size, unlike the RW30, which is also available in 27.5”.

It will also become a factory fit to the brand’s short-travel Ranger bike, with 115mm of rear suspension.

This RW27 rim is notably lighter

At 430g per rim, the RW27 specification product has 50g less mass than Revel’s RW30 Fusion Fibre wheels.

In terms of tyre compatibility, Revel recommends a range of between 2.2- to 2.5” in casing width, if you like those 2.6″ trail wide tyres, best go for the RW30.

If you are keen on these new Fusion Fibre hoops, the RW27 rim prices at $699. Revel will also be offering build options, with Industry 9 Hydra or 1/1 hubs, matched to either XS or Microspline driver bodies, starting at $1975.