Her old GT Fury has been nabbed

A family from Tollesby, Middlesbrough have been burgled and as well as jewellery, a bike once raced in World Cups by Rachel Atherton was stolen.

In a report from the Teeside Gazette, Chris Lawman’s house was broken into earlier this week between 9:30pm and 10:30pm. He was away with work and his wife and children were out of the house visiting recently bereaved relatives.

Pic: Chris Lawman

Speaking to the Teeside Gazette, Mr Lawman said: “The house was ransacked. They’ve come in through the back door and smashed the alarm system.

“Two mountain bikes were stolen, one of which is incredibly expensive and rare and I’m hoping people will be able to recognise it.

“It is very distinctive and the only one in Teesside, it’s exceptional. Rachel Atherton raced it at the 2014 Mountain Bike World Cup and it has been signed by her too.”

Mtr Lawman added, “The next-door neighbour caught them coming out of the house on the bike.”

The bike, recently used by Mr Lawman during a bike holiday in the French Alps, is estimated to have cost upwards of £6,000 bearing in mind the customised components and the unique previous owner.

Anyone who has any information of the crime or the whereabouts of the stolen bike can contact the police on the 101 number.