Better keep 'em charged up

Recent Kickstarter wireless-coversion gear shifter phenom’ XSHIFTER have posted an intriguing question on their Facebook page – can the system be used for wireless BRAKES?

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Here’s Paul from XSHIFTER with his verdict…

As the video reverals, the question actually came from one of XSHIFTER’s Kickstarter backers, who asked if it was possible to use the XSHIFTER technology for wireless braking?

Although Paul is at pains to state that they official answer is “NO!” he does then go on to demonstrate how it could be done(!)

Using a Trek hardtail that sports no cabling on it whatsoever (how good does that look by the way?) Paul talks us through it and the camera lovingly pans over all that electro gadgetry that does indeed show a bike with no wireless braking.

Paul’s “NO!” is not the end of the wireless concept though. He does go on to state that XSHIFTER are indeed “developing similar technology to use on brakes”. Having said that, he does say that it’ll only really be for trikes and hand cycles where there’s also an ancillary brake ie. the wireless brake won’t be the only braking system on there.

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Also, in the comments below the video on Facebook XSHIFTER state: “For sure we are developing a wireless brake system. Hope to be released next year. But I have to warn you guys it won’t be for normal street or MTB use. Its just too risky. Our target market will be bikes that have low risk when brakes fail, or stunt bikes”.

But someone’s going to do it, aren’t they?