Another interesting Kickstarter campaign

The wireless conversion kit makers have added voice controlled shifting to their XSHIFTER project that first launched via Kickstarter.

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It’s not without a few glitches at the moment. XSHIFTER: ““We do have a few minor things to work on. For example, the voice command is not available from iPhone lock screen. This is an Apple policy. However, we are looking for a way to integrate XShifter voice directly with the Siri API”.

Check out the video above for a demonstration.

It’s not yet clear what XSHIFTER users are supposed to say to the unit to make it shift. May we suggest “THUMB!” and “FINGER!” as an option?


Here’s our original story about XSHIFTER below…

Convert your existing gears to wireless with XSHIFTER

New Kickstarter campaign from XSHIFTER offers wireless electronic shifting for pretty much any existing cable-actuated drivetrain.

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Whether you’re a Shimano user or a Sram user, whether you run 1x, 2x even 3x rings, in 9 or 10 or 11 or 12 speeds – XSHIFTER will fit your setup. It will even work with road bikes as well as mountain bikes.


Basically you remove your existing shifter(s) and all the cabling and replace it with a compact wireless remote control on your handlebars and a wireless control unit that locates above your mech(s).

The only bit of cable required is a small section that connects this control unit to the mech.


What are the benefits of this system?

1. Can be used on ANY derailleur and frame.
2. Installs in minutes.
3. Uses fewer cables.
4. Minimizes chain drop and rubbing.
5. Shifts with an accuracy of 10 microns.
6. Costs 1/10 of the price of current wireless shifting systems.
7. Calibrates easily using our iOS app

If you have a bike with complicated internal routing that suffers for excessive binding and friction after a while of filthy UK riding, you’ll be interested in this. The whole setup is waterproof by the way.

Shifting is also reportedly smoother and more accurate.

It claims to be quick and easy to index your gears accurately.


It may also be a little bit lighter but we’ve yet to see the weights (and there won’t be much in it really, but weight weenies will want to know).

And let’s not forget to talk about the price. At $199 (early bird offer) the XSHIFTER is massively cheaper than existing electronic or wireless drivetrains from any of the big manufacturers.


Did someone mention dropper post functionality? Check out the above pic!

The project is almost certainly going to reach its funding goal. At time of writing they’ve raised $43,206 of a pledged $50,000 goal.