Mostly worst

Here’s our round-up of the best and worst – mostly worst – Star Wars themed bike stuff.

Another Christmas, another Star Wars film hits the cinemas. This year’s movie is called Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. What’s it about? We don’t really. There’s no ewoks in it. And George Lucas has been kept away from its creation. So it might actually be watchable.

Whatever. If you’re a Star Wars fan you’ve already scrolled past this bit and are checking out the delightful items below…


Ride Bikes T-shirt

This is by far the best Star Wars T-shirt we’ve come across. It’s a galaxy far, far ahead of the competition that’s for sure. This design is also available as a hoodie.

Can be yours for £7.00


Star Wars 3D BB-8 kids helmet

BB-8 was the cute little rolling droid in the Star Wars flick that came out last year. This is a kids helmet but with a 54cm max size it might just fit some adults too.

Can be yours for £15.00


Star Wars Speeder Bike Technical Scale Art Print

Fully Shaded Technical Illustration of the Kenner 1983 Speeder Bike. The speeder bikes in The Return of the Jedi film is arguably a big reason why we ride mountain bikes in the first place; forever trying to emulate being on a speeder bike!

Can be yours for £15.00


Star Wars The Force Awakens bell

Awaken the walker in front of you with this Forceful bike bell. Geddit? Sorry. DIng! Ding! Kenny Rylo coming through…

Can be yours for £3.95


Star Wars Stormtrooper 14 inch wheel bike

Okay, so this bike exists. But we’re not going to tell you where you can get one because, well… just look at it.

xscreen-shot-2016-12-16-at-11-06-58 xscreen-shot-2016-12-16-at-11-07-04

Bell Super 2R MIPS Star Wars edition helmets

Star Wars helmets for “grown ups” (we use the term loosely). Boba Fett and Stormtrooper designs wrapped around a really rather fine Bell full face helmet. If you’re after a full facer, you could do a lot worse.

Can be yours for £151.99


R2-D2 skate helmet

“Boo-beep twiddly-diddly squark!” Another Star Wars helmet for adults. technically this helmet is listed for skateboarding so we’re not really sure if it’s properly certified for mountain biking. So just take up skateboarding as well. Sorted.

Can be yours for £24.95


Star Wars The Force Awakens kids knee/elbow pads

Not for grown ups unfortunately. And we don’t have massive faith they’d be much cop on a kid either but hey, at least they’ll keep your sprog a bit warmer (as they ragdoll down the hillside).

Can be yours for £6.95


Star Wars compression shirts

Ultra-tight, second skin fit compression tops for wearing as a base layer. 140g Polyester/Elastane.

Can be yours from £28.00


Star Wars Stormtrooper fat bike

This 26″ wheel fat bike from Huffy isn’t available in the UK but if you wished to track one down in the US of A and ship it over, who are we to stop you? After all, “Head outdoors on your Huffy mountain bike – you’ll have fun wherever you ride”.

Visit the Huffy site


Star Wars cycling jerseys

You just knew that novelty cycling jerseys were going to appear in this list at some point right? Well, here they are. There are loads of seriously bad Star Wars jerseys out there but these jerseys from Knight don’t appear to be too hideous.

Boba Fett jersey
R2-D2 jersey
X-Wing pilot jersey
Stormtrooper jersey


Star Wars Speeder Bike drone

Can be yours for £199.99

Okay, so this one is a bit (a lot) tenuous but it came up during our searches and we thought it was pretty cool. So we’ve included it.