"Will likely put everyone else out of business"

Meet the ShockWheel, a wheel that offers 100mm of suspension travel. The ShockWheel is the invention of Chet Baigh.

“15 years ago, the smart man would have foreseen that many bikes would have shock absorbers. In 2012 {when this video dates from], the smart man can predict many bikes will utilize the ShockWheel” – Chet Baigh.

This video shows the ShockWheel in action. In super slow motion action no less.

This prototype – no, it’s not a commercially available product yet – offers 100mm of “extension travel” which can be increased or decreased as well as offer differing firmness.


The “Bow-Spokes” are where the ingenuity lie. The Bow-Spokes weigh in at around 6oz. They fit to a regular rim and thus run a regular tyre.

The exact production methods and materials are Chet’s “secret recipe” and he states he will not reveal them until the time he reaches an agreement with someone to actually make these wheels. Fair enough Chet.

This video actually dates back to 2013 and the era before Kickstarter properly took hold of inventions/things like this. The video was part of a drive by Mr Baigh to drum up money to fund making this idea a reality.

Looking for a funder

In his prospecting punt, Chet writes: “It can be expected that the Shock Wheel will initially be readily adopted by specialty bicycle manufacturers, specialty bicycle stores, and their clientele. Early-adopters will surely pay an excessive amount for Shock Wheel technology. This will afford the company manufacturing and selling the Shock Wheel greater revenue AT a greater profit margin. The approximately 4,200 specialty bicycle retailers commanded approximately 14% of the bicycle market in terms of unit sales in 2010, but 44% of the dollars, a dominant dollar share of the $6 Billion total U.S. bike market in 2010. 44% of $6 Billion is $2.64 Billion.”

“Whoever licences the “Shock Wheel” will dominate the bicycle world for years to come… and will likely put everyone else out of business.”

And yet still the ShockWheel is not a reality.


It may not be a reality but it is patented. The patent for a “Shock Absorbing Bow-Spoke Wheel Primarily for Bicycles and Motorcycles” states “The present invention relates to a shock-absorbing performance wheel comprising bow-shaped spokes which act as bows or springs to dampen acceleratory jerks brought on by unwanted shock. The said invention also comprises a non-circular hub onto which a plurality of “bow-spokes” are directly affixed to the periphery of said hub.”

United States Patent Office Filing Number: 61/686,030. Filing Date: 3/30/2012.

Maybe Chet has turned his full attention to his unfortunately-named Phoenix Sub-Orbital and Orbital Spaceplane – the future of commercial passenger based space travel?