New range of lightweight 100mm forks re-asserts SID's focus on a pure XC racing remit.

The 2017 Rockshox SID range brings the fork back to its original XC racing remit. 100mm travel only. As light as possible. The focus is very much on winning races and weight weenie bragging rights.


In this Olympic year we’re seeing fork manufacturer’s turn their attentions to their XC race ranges. No fork has a better track record in the Olympics than the Rockshox SID. A SID has been on the bike of every Olympic winner since 2000.

Only available in 100mm

The 120mm SID forks of previous years have been ditched. The theory being that 120mm trail bikes are now sporting burlier forks like the Revelation or Pike.

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Everything about the new SID forks is 100mm specific. The chassis, the dampers and the air chambers are optimised for 100mm travel and nothing else. No more need to design the fork lowers based around longer travel versions. The new SIDs have “knocked out” magnesium lowers. All this has resulted in a 100g weight saving.

The new SID forks are compatible with hubs with Torque Caps as well as regular hubs with standard end caps. Torque Caps provide a larger interface between the hub and the fork for additional stiffness.


The new SID forks are available in 15x100mm and 15x110mm Boost versions. The bolt-thru quick release axles are Maxle Ultimates.

The brake hose guide is tool-free and all the control knobs and air caps have been redesigned.

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What’s inside them?

The new Solo Air Spring has a more linear spring curve than before. It is tuneable with Bottomless Tokens to suit a broad range of rider weights and rider preferences. There’s also a Jounce bottom-out bumper in there, as found on the RS-1, for a claimed “bottomless feel”.

The seals have been updated to offer reduced friction and a better performance at lower temperatures.

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All new Charger damper

The World Cup and RLC models feature an all new Charger damper. It has two positions: open and lock. Compression adjustment is available in the open position. The lock position is tuned with a high lockout force (just how racers like it).


Rebound adjustment affects the beginning stroke rebound with the deep stroke rebound being the factory set Rapid Recovery setting. The high-speed compression circuit is similarly factory set.

Let’s have a look at some full length studio shots of each main SID model. Yes they do all look rather similar from the outside!


Rockshox SID World Cup

  • Charger Damper with Rebound, Lockout and low-speed compression adjustment
  • Carbon fibre crown steerer unit – light and stiff
  • Factory tuned Dig Valve – for mid-stroke support
  • OneLoc remote compatible
  • MSRP £965 – £1028


Rockshox SID RLC

  • Charger Damper with Rebound, Lockout and low-speed compression adjustment
  • Factory tuned Dig Valve – for mid-stroke support
  • OneLoc remote compatible
  • MSRP £709 – £768


Rockshox SID XX

  • Motion Control XX damper with rebound and remote lockout adjustment
  • Proven XLoc hydraulic remote
  • Factory tuned Dig Valve – for mid-stroke support
  • MSRP £709


Rockshox SID RL

  • Motion Control DNA damper with Rebound and Lockout adjustment
  • OneLoc remote compatible
  • Factory tuned Dig Valve – for mid-stroke support

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 21.02.31

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 21.02.49

There are reports that these forks could be available as early as July 2016.