Introducing the PRO Koryak dropper post

The PRO Koryak dropper post

Part of Shimano’s PRO component range, the PRO Koryak dropper post is a cable activated stealth routed dropper post offering 120mm of drop.

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Need to know

  • 120mm drop
  • Stealth cable routing only
  • Cable actuated
  • 520g claimed weight inc. remote and cabling
  • Replaceable air cartridge and bushes
  • 30.9mm or 31.6mm sizes


Late to the party

2017 appears to finally be the year where a lot more companies are releasing their own versions of dropper posts. There’s pros and cons to waiting this long.

The pros being that you can learn from all the existing dropper posts and what works and what doesn’t.

The cons being that you end up being too late the party and can’t gain any traction in a market dominated by a handful of existing designs. Or in the case of dropper posts, dealing with the ubiquitous RockShox Reverb.


Reliability and price

Reliability is the thing with dropper posts so at least having the heft of the Shimano name behind may help the PRO Koryak get a foothold in the dropper post scene.

The other thing with dropper posts is that they can be expensive. We don’t have nay confirmed UK pricing on the PRO Koryak dropper at the mo so they only thing we can say is that PRO stuff is usually more on the affordable side of things.


Yep it’s a dropper post

From first perusal the PRO Koryak doesn’t appear to offer anything wildly new or innovative to the dropper post world.

It’s a non-indexed have-it-where-you-want-it design. There’s no 150mm or 170mm drop versions. The weight isn’t anything to shout about.


Remote options

The remote control does look nicely executed. It can be run on the left or the right. It can be paired up with a lefthand Firebolt brake-lever clamp for riders running 1x drivetrains who want to keep things simple and pared down. Nice.

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Perhaps the most intriguing aspect is that the spec lists a “replaceable air cartridge”. It sounds like it’s all going to be about price tag and reliability. We shall see.

The PRO Koryak dropper post will be available in Autumn. The post will be on show to the world at this week’s Eurobike bike show in Germany.


Q: Is the air cartridge pressure factory-set? A: Yes.

Q: Can it be adjusted? A: No.

Q: Can it serviced by Joe Public? A: Yes.

Q: How long can we expect the air cartridge to last before it needs replacing? A: Factory tested for over 200,000 cycles (ie. up and down).