The new Reverb comes with improved internals and a greater range of travel options

Great news for taller riders as RochShox has today announced it is releasing a Reverb Stealth with 170mm of travel.

Given the increasing trend for lower standover height on bikes, this is great news for taller riders who want to slam their seats on the descents but also have their saddle in the optimum position for climbing or riding on the flat.

There are currently very few dropper posts with more than 150mm of travel and certainly not any from the major manufacturers, so this represents a significant step for RockShox. It may not be long before we see these specced as standard on XL bikes.

Although it may look the same from the outside, Rockshox claims the internals are completely redesigned in the new Reverb range. SRAM has included increased bushing overlap and a new piston that uses the same SKF seals as the Pike and is hoping this will improve the reportedly patchy reliability of the old design.

Rockshox Reverb 2016 featured

We’ve long been fans of the RockShox Reverb and recently named it the best mountain bike dropper post (you can read the full test and our review here) so extra travel options and improved reliability can only be a good thing.

The Reverb Stealth is now available in 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 170mm and 30.9mm, 31.6mm and 34.9mm diameters. It has a quoted weight of 560 grams (about 30 grams more than the one we tested recently)

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The standard Reverb is only available in 100mm and 125mm but has the same three diameters. RockShox claims it weighs 520 grams for the post, remote and hose.

The Reverbs are available to buy now and will cost $400 (£282) for the Reverb and  $471 (£332) for the Stealth.