Dainese return to the MTB helmet market with Linea 01 full-face and 03 trail helmets, combining low weight, density-mapped protection and packed full of comfort features


Italian protection expert Dainese has returned to the MTB helmet market after a long break with a brand-new range. Targeting trail, enduro and e-bike riders, its fresh line up comprises open and full-face options packed with tech and both sharing the Linea name. Dainese has history in the helmet game and even owns its own separate brand, AGV, that’s a big player in the motorbike world. The brand will doubtless be aiming for the Dainese Linea 01 full-face and 03 shell helmet performance to place them amongst the best mountain bike helmets and best MTB full-face helmets out there. 

Mountain biker wearing the Dainese Linea 01 full-face helmet

Watch this space for the results of our in-depth product test

With this new Dainese Linea range, it claims to have achieved big weight savings without sacrificing protection by working and testing with that brand’s research department to optimise the entire construction process.

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Low weight, density mapped protection

The major headline then is a featherweight Linea 01 MIPS model claiming the lowest ever weight for a DH-certified full-face at 570g including in-built rotational impact protection. To put that weight into context, most DH-rated helmets are over 1kg, and the lightest full face we’ve tested previously is over a 100g more, without carrying the same full DH certification. 

Photo of Dainese Linea helmet in pieces to show parts

Dainese have used innovative materials and processes to shave weight

The sister Linea 03 half shell model also shares many of the same design technologies and comes in more different configurations and price points.

All Linea models see outer polycarbonate layers wrapped over EPS like most lids, although the polystyrene itself is mapped at different densities throughout to ensure even absorption of impact forces (regardless of exterior profile and edges effecting loads in different zones). Inside, a nylon exo-skeleton forms a hidden lattice (it’s visible in the 01 chinguard) and is a major key to weight saving. This webbing uses an ‘auxetic’ design with specially shaped segments designed to better absorb impacts, similar to the perforated armour on Dainese pads.

Being ‘auxetic’ describes a structure possessing something called the ‘zero Poisson’ ratio, you’ll need to Google this to delve deeper, but it essentially means if shapes in the webbing are squashed or extended in one direction, they’ll consequently increase in size in all directions. In an impact, the structure therefore becomes harder in all directions to boost protection, meaning materials can be stripped back elsewhere like in the outer polycarbonate and lightweight flexible adjustable visor to shave more grams.

A focus on comfort and wearability

This focus on weight saving doesn’t mean Dainese has scrimped on comfort or wearability. Multiple vents deliver effective cooling, and three sizes and three different pad thicknesses (25mm, 35mm and 50mm) in all Linea models ensure the right fit, boosted by a rear retention dial and padded chinstrap using Fidlocks quick magnetic clasp system.

Inside of Dainese Linea 03 helmet showing yellow MIPS liner

The Dainese Linea 03 is available with and without a MIPS liner

On top of the exo-skeleton’s extra impact resistance, most of the Linea range also offer the latest-generation (thinner) MIPS liner that can twist independently of the shell to better absorb rotational or glancing impacts. Top tier Linea 01 and 03 models further add digital rescue technologies more familiar in snow sports like RECCO and NFC TwiceMe capable of rapidly transmitting personal data and health stats like blood group and location information to paramedics or next of kin. The Linea 01 even claims to be the world’s first MTB full-face to incorporate the NFC technology.

With its new Linea range, Dainese’s philosophy is to let the end user define which riding segment or discipline each helmet best suits, and with weights so low and excellent vision and ventilation, it definitely leaves it open to the individual to decide whether full or open face protection is best for the kind of riding they enjoy. We’ve already tried both helmets and will be reporting back soon with comprehensive reviews on each different version.

Dainese Linea mountain bike range overview

The new Dainese Linea range is available to buy now.

Linea 01 MIPS (inc. NFC and RECCO)

Photo of man wearing Dainese Linea 01 in white

The range-topping Linea 01 MIPS full-face helmet

  • £249.95
  • Weight: 570g (M)
  • Sizes: XS-S, M-L, L-XL
  • Colours: White/Black, Grey/Red, Black/Grey

Linea 03 MIPS+ (Inc. NFC and RECCO)

Photo of Dainese Linea 03 helmet in white being held by a man

The pinnacle of the Linea 03 range comes with MIPS and Recco

  • £179.95
  • Weight: 340g (M)
  • Sizes: XS-S, M-L, L-XL
  • Colours: White/Black, Grey/Red

Linea 03 MIPS 

Photo of woman wearing Dainese Linea 03 in grey

Comfort is built in, with vents, adjustable padding, and pony-tail friendly design

  • £159.95
  • Weight: 340g (M)
  • Sizes: XS-S, M-L, L-XL
  • Colours: Black, Grey/Black, White/Black

Linea 03 

Dainese Linea 03 mtb helmet in green

Dainese Linea 03 mtb helmet in green

  • £129.95
  • Weight: 340g (M)
  • Sizes: XS-S, M-L, L-XL
  • Colours: Black, Green/Black, Rusty Nail/Black, White/Black