Niche but nice.

XC racers rejoice! You can now have lightweight 175mm drop carbon seatposts at last. And all you skinny 27.2mm seat tubers are catered for too.

Back in 2014 KS released a lightweight short-travel dropper post principally aimed at XC racers. That post also found some fans amongst the general weight weenie massive as well as a certain degree of crossover appeal into the weird world of cyclocross and gravel bikes.

And still today KS are pretty much the only company making dropper seatposts in truly lightweight, carbon fibre form. For 2018 KS are pushing the boat out and predicting a greater interest and adoption of dropper posts in competitive XC and marathon events.

2018 KS LEV-Ci dropper posts

With this in mind – and ahead of Eurobike later this month – they’ve revealed details of a 175mm drop KS LEV-Ci (in 30.8 and 31.6mm diameter) and a 120mm drop KS LEV-Ci in 27.2mm diameter.

Contrary to what you might think, 27.2mm is not just for old bikes. There are still plenty of hardcore XC race rigs being made with 27.2mm seat tubes. Principally this is to save weight over larger bore seat tubes but skinny seat tubes/posts can offer a bit of flex for comfort compared to wide diameter posts.

So now you can have that 27.2mm posted XC rig that you lust for AND still be able run a modern, light dropper in it. Yay!

This brings the full range of KS LEV-Ci droppers to: 65mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 175mm posts in 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters, and 65mm, 100mm and 120mm posts in 27.2mm diameter.

All KS LEV-Ci droppers feature a carbon ‘mast’ that’s reinforced with an aluminium ‘exoskeleton’. The head clamp is also carbon fibre and features suitably bling titanium bolt hardware.

ks lev ci

Proving that there’s no such thing as too much carbon when it comes to luring XC weight weenies, the new KGSL remote has a carbon fibre lever. It’s still directly compatible with ODI-style Lock-on grips to save a further bit of grammage.