Make 2016 feel like 2018 and beyond with FFT Service

Fox Factory Tuning gives Fox fork, shock and dropper post owners the ability to upgrade their part’s internals to the new 2018 internals.

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Air spring assemblies, damping circuits, lock out levers, remotes and such. Essentially this means you can have the performance of a 2018 fork for a fraction of the price.

fox factory tuning

The service is predominantly based around 2016 Fox stuff. And unfortunately Fox 36 forks will be more expensive as they require new crown assemblies. So too will Fox 32 and 34 forks older than 2016. But they will be do-able.

fox factory tuning

Whilst you’re at it you can also get the fork tuned more specifically to your riding style. These are the preset tunes: aggressive racer, enthusiast – daily rider, enthusiast – once weekly, comfort and commuting. If you want to be more specific about what you want you can contact the Service Centre directly and talk it through with someone there.

The UK’s Fox Factory Tuning will be overseen by Silverfish UK.

Is it worth it the upgrade? What’s different about the 2018 stuff?

With forks, 2018 Fox forks now have EVOL (Extra Volume) air spring assembly and FIT4 dampers. EVOL features larger negative spring (plusher off the top) and a smaller positive spring (more progressive). FIT4 damper has 3 ‘on-the-fly’ compression settings with a further 22 click-range of low speed compression (for when in Open mode).

For rear shocks there arguably isn’t as much of a compelling reason as forks, unless you have Fox DPS shock which now gets a reshaped one piece air sleeve and has a larger negative spring (plusher off the top) and a larger range of adjustment generally. Other than that, other shocks have moved to a linear piston, from the previous digressive piston, for improved small bump response.