Wash your bike and lube your body with this week's new kit

For those of you who can’t wait until the reviews come out in the magazine or go up online, here’s another in our new series of pre-emptive peeks into recent test product arrivals.

Here’s last week’s Arrivals for those who missed it.

Mobi V-15 portable pressure washer

Price: £99.99 (currently on offer for £74.99)

From: Chain Reaction

This is the ‘baby’ of Mobi’s portable pressure washer range. Despite this it still has a relatively huge reservoir capacity of 15 litres. More than enough to wash multiple bikes after a particularly mucky ride. It still needs to be plugged into the 12v socket of your car to function but the hose is plenty long enough to get around the bikes. Mobi package the V-15 with a few useful accessories such as a shower head attachment and washing brush.

Mobi V-15

15 litres of capacity and a long hose gives the Mobi-V15 great practicality.

It comes with a shower head and brush for all your grooming needs.

Rotor Direct Mount chainrings

Price: TBA

From: Saddleback

We brought you the new Rotor HAWK enduro cranks recently. Well these are Rotor’s new direct mount chainrings destined to match the crank and provide the rider with even more options. As you can see from the photo, they are available in Rotor’s signature Q ring (oval) and a non-Q, round option. Expect a head to head test to see just how much ‘better’ oval chainrings can be. Available in black and loads of sizes.

Charlie the Bikemonger’s Happy Bottom Bum Butter

Price: £17.99 (big tub) £3.50 (small ‘knob’ of butter)

From: Charlie the Bikemonger

A definite contender for ‘Best product name 2017’ award. The Happy Bottom Bum Butter does just what the name suggests; slap a little ‘knob’ of this smooth, pleasant smelling anti-chafe cream onto your short pad (or straight onto the undercarriage) and experience a much more pleasurable ride. 100% vegan, 100% natural ingredients and antiseptic. It’s also mildly anaesthetic to enable you to ride longer and harder!

76 Projects The Piggy

Price: £27.50 (£39.50 with pouch)

From: 76 Projects

It’s so nice being able to ride without being encumbered with a heavy pack. The Piggy, from UK brand 76 Projects helps provide more on-bike storage solutions. Stick it underneath your bottle cage and the large nylon platform and chucky strap will happily carry a 29er inner tube, CO2 inflator and multitool. It features handy slots to store chain links and an extra silicon band to keep everything together. 76 Projects also make an optional waterproof pouch for use with the Piggy to keep your tools rust free.

76 projects the piggy

Fit it under your bottle cage…

…shovel all your bits into the optional waterproof pouch.

Mozartt Piano HDM chain device

Price: €29

From: Mozartt

This 40 gram chainguide is perfect for fitting to any bike with a redundant front mech mount. Made from tough composite material, the Piano comes with neat carbon fibre spacers to fix your chainline perfectly. Mozartt supply the Piano with a second set of guides for riders using oval chainrings, so it should work well with the Rotor chainrings featured above! Get it direct from Mozartt themselves.

mozartt piano

Fabric Scoop Pro Team Radius saddle

Price: £129.99

From: CSG

The Scoop is one of those saddles that finds its way onto a lot of bikes. But what you might not know is how many different versions there are available. Firstly it’s available in three different shapes; the Radius version we have here is the most rounded and ‘comfortable’ of the three. It’s also available in seven different models (just for the Radius version!) This Pro team version comes with carbon fibre rails and an embossed microfibre cover. The range starts with the Sport for a reasonable £34.99.

fabric scoop radius pro team

Fabric Gripper bottle

Price: £9.99

From: CSG

Yes, we know it’s ‘just’ a bottle, but the new Gripper from Fabric has been created to make it easy to use in adverse conditions. The upper section is not only nicely curvy but is studded with masses of little bumps. These make it super easy to grab and pull out when wearing thick gloves or when its covered in mud and muck. Two sizes are available and while the bottle is only available in clear, you can choose different coloured caps.


That’s your lot for this week. Let’s hope the trails stay nice for a bit longer.